All Upcoming shows Postponed!

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions placed on live events due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the meantime, check in and see what we’re up to! We will be doing everything we can to create some new content to watch and will be back out playing shows as soon as we’re allowed to! THANKS TO OUR FANS FOR STICKING WITH US IN THESE CRAZY TIMES.

The Bombpops

New Track: Double Arrows Down

“‘Double Arrows Down’” is a song I had wanted to write for a while,” vocalist/guitarist Poli Van Dam reveals, “but it’s always been so difficult to really face it and hit the nail on the head. Diabetes is a frustrating, relentless disease. I hope fellow diabetics or anybody going through a rough circumstance can relate. We all want to give up sometimes, and I think that’s OK to admit.”

New Track: Notre Dame

The personal mixes with the metaphysical in lead single “Notre Dame.” The fire at the famed 700-year-old cathedral prompted self-reflection in Razavi, who was inspired by its centuries-long history. “I’ve always thought when you meet somebody that you like, or even a friend, it’s not the first time,” she says. “I say, ‘I’ve known you before. We were here before.”